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  → Valvugas is 100% Brazilian company, founded in 1968, aiming at manufacturing  and marketing industrial valves  of globe type and filters, in laminated steels.

→ Our group currently manufactures over 80 different types of valves and filters, especially developed for use with ammonia, Freon / Frigen, thermal and steam fluids and other fluids, such as water, compressed air, chocolate paste, resins edible oil, viscous oil, petroleum byproducts, alumina hydrate, etc.


→ For 53 years, Valvugás has supplied its products to major domestic and multinational companies operating in Brazil.

→ Also, it has exported directly to several Latin American countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, and others) and to South Africa. Indirectly, its products have been exported embedded in its customers equipment (compressors, heaters, boilers, branches, sprays, “chillers”, etc.).

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Research and Development

Valvugás is present in all Brazilian industries

Valvugás products are used in various segments of economic activity, with predominance in the following industries:








Sugar and ethanol


Paper and Distributors

Technical Body of Professional

Valvugás has a team full of professionals who can assist our customers in solving challenges, as well as in planning costs on projects involving the application of our products.

Products Line

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Valvugás Warranty

Quality Policy

“Continuously improve the relationship with our customers by providing products, services and solutions in the industrial area to meet their requirements. For this, we focus our efforts on the continuous improvement of our processes, in interaction with our partners and employees and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. “

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